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Metal Alloy Car Key Cover with Holder & Rope Chain Fit for Mahindra – Bolero/Scorpio-N/Tuv-300/Thar/Xuv-700/Scorpio


Colour Black
Material Metal Alloy
Vehicle Service Type Mahindra
Number of Buttons 3

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About this item –

  • Vehicle compatibility : fit for Mahindra – Bolero / Scorpio-N /Tuv-300 / Thar / Xuv-700 / Scorpio.
  • Light & Durable: Extremely light and durable to use on car key and provides non-slip grip.
  • Unbreakable and durable.
  • Prevents car keys from getting scratched and damaged.

Perfect Fit: The Xuv-700 car key cover is precisely molded to fit the key fob of Mahindra models. It ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing easy access to all buttons, functions, and key features on the key fob.

Protection: The material acts as a protective layer for your car key. It helps prevent scratches, scuffs, and other physical damage that could occur during everyday use or accidental drops.

Dust and Dirt Resistance: The material is resistant to dust, dirt, and other particles. This helps keep your key fob clean and maintains its appearance over time.

Enhanced Grip: The textured surface provides an improved grip, making it easier to hold and handle your car key. This can be particularly helpful in situations where you need to quickly access your keys.

Personalization: The Xuv-700 car key cover is available in various colors and designs, allowing you to personalize your key fob and distinguish it from others. This can be especially useful if you have multiple similar keys in your household.

Easy Installation: The key cover can be easily install onto the key fob without any additional tools.

Durability: Metal alloy is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear, making the key cover capable of withstanding daily use while maintaining its protective properties over an extended period of time.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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